It is proven that every 4 – 8 years the price of investment diamonds double in value!

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African Diamonds

Why are Investment Stones so Lucrative?

Investing in Stones

Natural fancy coloured diamonds and top quality diamonds are very clean and are extremely rare. In fact, they are rarer than any other diamonds, gemstones and/or gold.

For instance, when it comes to gold, its sheer weight constitutes as a problem with regards to transportation and/or keeping it in a reserve. In fact, most gold owners result in acquiring papers which state the wealth of their gold, while the beautiful artefacts are is placed in a secure depository. Therefore not only inaccessibility but you become vulnerable theft and fraud.

The Advantages of Owning Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds or Top Quality Diamonds

Benefits of Investing in Diamonds

Profitability: Diamonds have doubled in value every 4 – 8 years, consistently for 40 years. (This includes times of turmoil and recessions).

Protection: These diamonds represent a multibillion dollar global marketplace, with diamonds being purchased and sold across all currencies, daily.

Portability: Since they can be efficiently moved, these unique stones are a source of wealth in the case of an emergency.

Privacy: These stones are purchased in complete privacy and confidentiality.

Liquidity: The stones can be converted to cash at any time as they are always in demand.

Tanzanite Invest

Tanzanite Investment

A thousand times rarer than diamonds, Tanzanite is considered an outstanding investment stone. With a finite supply available from the mines in Tanzania and ever-increasing worldwide demand, Tanzanite has seen phenomenal price growth in recent years and the value of investment-grade stones is only set to increase.

At First Diamonds we offer a wide selection of large high-quality investment Tanzanite, sourced directly from a one of the country’s largest Tanzanite producers. With expert staff on hand to guide clients in selecting the right stone for solid investment returns, be sure to explore these excellent and elegantly, profitable stones.


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