From mine to market

As a ‘First Hand of Trade’ diamond merchant we purchase our stones directly from South Africa’s diamond mines, before each diamond is cut and graded by hand.



    This shape, which exudes vintage glamour and is reminiscent of old world charm, is loved by style icons worldwide. The Emerald Shape was also one of the first cuts incorporated in jewellery design. Clarity and natural crystalline growth are wonderfully highlighted due to the broad flat plane.

  • Round Brilliant

    Classic, clean and versatile makes the Round Brilliant shape it a very popular choice.

  • Oval

    The Oval Shape captures the sparkle of the round brilliant but presents it in an elongated, rounded pear form – a rarer and more unique choice if you are looking for something a little different.

  • Marquise

    It is said that the Marquise shape was originally commissioned in 18th Century Paris, by King Louis XV. This shape is an ideal choice if you want to optimize carat weight and elongate the finger.

  • Heart

    The Heart Shape is a rare and symbolic shape which is always a romantic choice – and an ideal way to be simultaneously in love and in style.

  • Pear

    Introducing the Pear (or teardrop) Shape. A unique, feminine and dazzlingly shape which features one rounded corner and one pointed end. A truly delicate choice.

  • Trillion

    Although often a side or accent stone, stunning brilliance and fire can be expected from the triangular Trillion Shape. As a solitaire it makes a bold and dramatic statement.

  • Radiant

    Beautiful and dramatic, available in square or rectangular. This hybrid shape combines the brilliance and depth of around, emerald, and princess shape.

  • Cushion

    A rare and unique choice is the square or rectangular Cushion Shape which features rounded corners. Large facets allow great light dispersion which results in a much larger range of spectral colours. A highly scintillating stone.

  • Princess

    The Princess Shape has always been a classic, elegant shape yet the sharp corners give it a contemporary edge. This shape beautifully captures the brilliance while being a little different.

  • Asscher

    The modern asscher shape diamond is similar to a square emerald  and like the emerald shape, the asscher has cropped corners; however, because an asscher is square, the cropped corners give the asscher a somewhat octagonal shape

Loose stone diamond

Dealing direct from mine to market, First Diamonds are able to offer our clients exclusive access to a remarkable range of unique diamonds, each certified by the respected Gemological Institute of America. Alongside a range of dazzling investment stones, our selection of loose diamonds spans a variety of grades, cuts and sizes suitable for your choice of custom-made jewellery design.

GIA grading

Buy with confidence

Each of our diamonds and Tanzanite stones are graded and certified by internationally recognised gemmology laboratories to ensure authenticity and absolute peace of mind.


A scintillating symbol of life’s most cherished moments. Whether it’s a pledge of everlasting love, a milestone marking the birth of a child, a reminder of a treasured anniversary or a memento to celebrate a life changing journey.

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