From rings to earrings, pendants to bracelets, First Diamonds is synonymous with quality, excellence and innovation in the world of bespoke jewellery design. In our workshops a combination of detailed planning and skilled craftsmanship ensures each piece is unique and a supreme work of art.

White Diamond Ring

White Diamond Collection

All of our jewellery is locally manufactured; using only the highest quality gemstones and metals South Africa has to offer. With a wide range of GIA Certified Diamonds, Tanzanite and Precious Stones in our collection – and experienced experts on hand to consult and guide clients – we offer a world-class jewellery design and production service to our local and international clientele.

Cushion Cut Diamond Flower Halo Ring view now
Oval cut diamond trilogy ring
Oval Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring view now
Flower Halo diamond ring
Flower Halo Diamond Ring view now
Asscher Cut Halo Diamond Studs
Asscher Cut Halo Diamond Studs view now
Criscut diamond stud earrings
CrissCut® Diamond Stud Earrings view now
Princess cut diamond stud earrings
Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings view now
Halo Diamond earrings
Halo Diamond Earrings view now
Pear shape illusion diamond earrings
Illusion Pear shape Diamond Earrings view now
Halo Oval Diamond Earrings
Halo Oval Diamond Earrings view now
Floating Diamond Earrings
Floating Diamond Earrings view now
illusion diamond earrings
Illusion Diamond Earrings view now
Halo Illusion diamond earrings
Halo Illusion Diamond Earrings view now


A scintillating symbol of life’s most cherished moments. Whether it’s a pledge of everlasting love, a milestone marking the birth of a child, a reminder of a treasured anniversary or a memento to celebrate a life changing journey.