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Explore our collection of gemstone jewellery, ranging from timeless classics to trendy modern jewellery pieces. Immerse yourself in these rare gems, carefully curated to complement your individual style. Embrace the timeless elegance of gemstones like emeralds and rubies, featured in our finely crafted rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets, available in cool white, yellow, and rose gold settings.

Main Image: "Toi Et Moi Tsavorite & Tourmaline Diamond Ring" Tsavorite Detail: "Vivid Green Tsavorite Gemstone" Tourmaline Detail: "Captivating Tourmaline Gemstone" Diamond Halo: "Diamond Halo Enhancing Gemstone Ring" Ring Profile: "Toi Et Moi Diamond Ring Profile" Personalization Options: "Ring with Different Open Liner Choices"
2 Stone Tsavorite & Tourmaline Diamond Ring view now
Toi Et Moi Tourmaline, Sapphire & Diamond Ring
Toi Et Moi Tourmaline, Sapphire & Diamond Ring view now
Marquise Solitaire Ruby & Diamond Ring, Marquise Solitaire, Ruby, Diamond, Ring, Jewelry, Red Gemstone, Sparkling Gemstone, Engagement Ring, Anniversary Gift, Statement Piece, Elegant Design, Luxury Jewelry, Fine Jewelry.
Marquise Ruby & Black Diamond Trilogy Ring view now
Two stunning gemstones - tsavorite and tanzanite - set in an elegant Toe Et Moi ring. Close-up of the exquisite green tsavorite gemstone in the Toe Et Moi ring. Mesmerizing violet-blue tanzanite gemstone showcased in the luxurious ring design. A side view of the Tsavorite & Tanzanite Ring highlighting the intricate craftsmanship. The Toe Et Moi ring featuring a harmonious blend of tsavorite and tanzanite gemstones.
Emerald Tsavorite ,Tanzanite & Diamond Ring view now
Marquise Tsavorite, Spinel & Diamond Ring
Marquise Tsavorite, Spinel & Diamond Ring view now
A, captivating, oval, sapphire, center, stone, surrounded, by, sparkling, diamonds, set, in, a, halo, design, atop, a, polished, band.
Oval Sapphire & Diamond Halo Ring view now


A scintillating symbol of life’s most cherished moments. Whether it’s a pledge of everlasting love, a milestone marking the birth of a child, a reminder of a treasured anniversary or a memento to celebrate a life changing journey.

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