Cape Town Diamonds

Crisscut Diamonds

With a remarkable 85-facet configuration the Crisscut® is, quite simply, the most brilliant way to cut a diamond. Skilled diamond cutters use state-of-the-art technology to calculate and design each Crisscut® to enhance every stone, displaying its remarkable reflective quality and incomparable sparkle.

First Diamonds Crisscut® gracefully unlocks the stone’s innate natural beauty. Here, the long crisscrossed facets of the Crisscut® emphasises the length of each diamond, while the shorter cuts deliver a sensation of depth. Together, the unique faceting of the Crisscut® enhances the reflection of light to elegantly escalate the brilliance of the diamond.

Diamond Stone


The embodiment of elegant simplicity, the 85 facet configuration of the remarkable Crisscut® Cushion marks an evolution to perfection of the traditional Crisscut cushion cut.

Balancing refinement and individuality, the innovative internal facet design of the Crisscut® Cushion maximizes and enhances both the brilliance and glory of each stone to create a memorable Fancy Shape diamond.


A scintillating symbol of life’s most cherished moments. Whether it’s a pledge of everlasting love, a milestone marking the birth of a child, a reminder of a treasured anniversary or a memento to celebrate a life changing journey.